What exactly is
ERP software Katana?

Katana is an online economic software for small and medium-sized businesses. Our ERP system in the interface of a web application covers the complex warehousing and management of your business from purchase to complaint. 

You don't need to install anything, just log in to the Katana system via the web browser of your device. Keep your business with you at all times!

Why Katana economic software and what are the benefits?

Katana can be configured according to your needs and requirements of your business. Special requiremens, specific sectoral solutions or customization is not a problem.
All information online and always on hand. You don't need to install anything. All you need is internet access and you can access Katana from any device. If you have multiple branches, all sales and economical indicators up to date and visible online.
Complex warehouse system will help to make your stock management more effective and efficient.Thanks to interconnection between all modules, you receive a comprehensive overview of your finances, liabilities and receivables and other business indicators.
All data can be found in comprehensive clear tabular views, that can be defined according to your needs. All data can be exported to multiple formats.
Increase your productivity via EDI communication, mail banking and e-shop API integration
With regular central updates, you don't have to worry about sensitive corporate data leaking.
During development we utilised nearly 30 years of experience with creation of ERP, warehouse and POS systems.
Whether you need software in Slovak, Czech, English or another language, Katana software will suit you.
No initial investment, you just rent the system.

Systom tailor-made for you

Individual approach. Your company can grow with us.

We believe, that communication and individual approach is fundamental for long-term win-win cooperation. That is why we create own instance for every customer based on specific needs and requirements.

We help your customers to develop and grow their business.Thanks to the horizontal scalability of the Katana system grows with your business.

Katana can be configured based on specific requirements of your business.

Some of the many setting options include are:

  • multiple options of settings of warehouse movements,
  • possibility to turn on/off serial number recording
  • calculation of prices and VAT
    • sale with / without VAT
    • retail or wholesale pricing
    • samozdanenie
  • multiple pricing options and automatic discount options
  • custom gift vouchers and discount coupons
  • support for multiple goods visibilities and partner visibilities (to be used e.g. for dealers)
  • multiple possible settings and/or limits for good trasfers between stores / warehouses,
  • possibility to turn on/off stock quantities records on warehouse level
  • tag printing - custom sizing based on requirement
  • configurable printing including:
    • configurable texts on invoices and delivery notes,
    • custom codes can be printed for particular supplier / partner (including custom EAN codes for each partner)
    • printed documents in a language based on partner settings
  • optional set-up of automatic document sending to the customer's email address

and many more setup and customization options.

Katana ERP system is original product of our own development, that is why we can flexibly react to your requirements and develop a solution tailor made for you.

Online access

You can manage your business from the comfort of your home or from a holiday by the sea. You don't need to install anything. No need for additional software to connect to remote drive. Since Katana is a web application, all you need is device with internet access and a supported browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox).


Comprehensive company overview

Have all your business information in one place. With Katana, you get a warehousing and logistics system, a cash register system, an invoicing system, a system for recording liabilities and receivables, keeping records of a bank, orders, sales, cash flow control, a tool for procuring and optimizing inventory, measuring vendor performance and many other functions - all in one application.

Data from individual reports can be easily exported in various formats. More information about the functions of the Katana ERP system..

Fast reporting and analysis

Katana's ERP system provides extensive reporting capabilities. With the help of pre-set analyzes, you will get a quick overview of the basic financial and performance indicators of the company. In addition, you can create and customize reports, analyzes, filters and report formats yourself according to your needs.

Thanks to Katana you will get different perspectives on your business. The system will allow you to effectively manage your business and more easily identify any bottlenecks.

Katana can be integrated to a powerful reporting tool - Power BI.For more information see part dedicated to analyzes and reports.


Automation of processes

Increase your efectivity and productivity of your empolyees. Katana offers a wide range of tools such as:

and many other features..

Latest security standards

Security is one of our top priorities. We are constantly working to improve the application and increase its security.

Using state-of-the-art technologies and development tools, we provide our customers with stable operation without downtime, with minimal maintenance requirements.

In addition, we regularly update the system centrally,so you always have the latest security features and you don't have to worry about leakage or loss of your sensitive company data. All data is backed up regularly.

30 years of experience

Since 1992 we are dedicated to in-house development of economic, logistic, warehouse and cash-register systems, consultations and customized development of information systems.

Nearly 30 years of experience helped us to develop our 4th generation of ERP system.

More information about our company can be found on web FLEX-IS, spol s r.o.

Multilingualism and multi-currency support

Do you need to issue an invoice for a foreign customer in a foreign language? This is not a problem in Katana.
Descriptions and texts on all documents can be translated. In addition, you can set up translations of stock card names into any foreign languages yourself.
Of course, there is also a sale in any foreign currency (with or without the possibility of conversion).

Do you have a foreign employee? You can change the language of the application's user interface with one click (SK, CZ and EN are preset by default, but the application can also be translated into other languages).

You don't need to buy anything

Save time and money with the Katana economic system.

Katana's ERP system is rented, so you don't have to spend a large initial investment on software or hardware. If necessary, you can also rent ORP (online cash register) - the so-called eKasa.

You don't have to buy expensive, high-performance servers, the application is online and runs on our servers in a secure data center. All you need is a regular computer, laptop or tablet.

You do not need your own IT specialist or application administrator. All administrative settings of the application will be done by our specialists for you.

Online support

Along with the software, you also receive online helpdesk support, application management and advice included in the rental price. Our specialists will be happy to help you and advise you with any request or question.

Need to start a new operation or deactivate a user? Just write the request to the helpdesk and we will quickly solve it for you.

Access management

Katana economic system provides tools for effective management and control of users' rights. It is possible to create any user roles and assign them permissions specific to the requirements of your industry. For example, the salesperson can see only some features of the application, the warehouseman others, the manager all.

In addition, thanks to a sophisticated authorization system, access to the application can also be assigned to external partners. The ability to configure a set of data and functions that are available and visible will ensure the visibility of only their documents, goods, price lists, invoices… It all depends on the system settings.

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    Katana is an online ERP software for small and medium-sized businesses. In the interface of the web application, you will find a comprehensive report on your business from purchases to complaints. 

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